Maximize brain activity using print

sight-and-touchResearch tells us that out of our 5 senses the brain uses sight and touch the most when interpreting data.  When touch and sight work together the understanding and interpretation of data is increased.  I could go into more details but I will let the experts do that.   How this applies to print is you can stimulate the sensations of sight and touch to communicate your marketing message.  By using great images paired with the right paper and finish, you can communicate your message more effectively.

For example, a high UV gloss coating on a glossy sheet can enhance the clean modern look of a neutral kitchen with chrome fixtures and marble counter tops.  As you turn the pages your fingers can feel the bright finish of the coating creating the cool feeling one would have when touching the marble counter top or grabbing the chrome handle.

Or imagine you are selling homes in a development set in a wooded area or natural park-like setting.  Then printing on a smooth or vellum uncoated paper gives the natural earthy feel one would expect by living in this new home that is finished with wood cabinets and trim.   The texture under your finger tips as you look at the images send signals to the brain of the feeling of nature.  The roughness of the tree bark, the feel of the gravel path, the sandy beach.  You get the idea.

By using creative printing effects and choosing the right paper, you can increase your ROI significantly than just printing an image on standard paper.  Paper matters, ink matters, finish matters.  They all work together and send your message both through sight and touch.  Don’t rely on sight alone.  Increase your reach by using touch as well.

If you are a science buff and want to know more about how touch allows us to see better click here.


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